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Whether you plan to put your home on the market or give it a fresh update through interior design, decluttering items in your home can make all the difference!

Believe me, I know first hand how hard it can to part with many items in your home. From that sweater you wore once 2 years ago in the closet, to the worn but comfortable recliner that is an eye sore in your family room. We all have items that we really can do without and items that need to go in order to create a space that is not visually cluttered.

Where Do You Begin?

One book that has changed the lives of many is by Marie Kondo called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing". This method has exploded on Netflix to help keep the clutter at bay.

One important take away lesson to get started from Marie's book, is to tackle categories and not rooms. Instead of decluttering room by room, focus on categories throughout your comes first, then books, papers, dishware, decor, trinkets, etc. If items are decluttered all at once by category, there will be less of a chance for them to creep up going into the next room.

Decluttering For Home Staging

FACT: A cluttered home appears smaller and gives potential buyers the feeling that they will not have enough space for their items, which can be a deterrent from a bid on your home.

When it comes to preparing your home for the selling market, decluttering is truly an important key in home staging. When potential buyers view your home, they want to see just that...your home, not all your personal collections and abundance of items within the home (although, I know they are lovely). Decluttering allows buyers to focus on important architectural features that make your home unique, and also helps them to easily envision themselves living in your home, since clutter will not distract them. For items that you simply can not part with, I suggest to start packing them up and moving them to the new home or a storage unit to free up the space you will be so glad you did.

Decluttering For Interior Design

Out with the old & in with the NEW!

Whenever I begin work with a new client that wants to redesign their home, decluttering to begin the transformation is always an important start. Many get inspired by homes on HGTV and in magazines, and desire a similar look in their homes, but it will never have the same "model home" look unless items are moved out. Removing outdated, worn or items no longer used, allows room for a new design style that works with the remaining items you already own. In design, its all about using what you have and tying that in with the new items, to create the perfect balance and a look all your own. Have you ever heard of sayings about "a cluttered space equaling a cluttered mind?" These sayings actually hold truth... releasing items no longer used or needed, will create a visually relaxing atmosphere and allows for the perfect canvas to start any design project your heart desires.

What's Worth Giving Up....Trash, Charity or For Keeps?

Work through all your items by category to determine what should stay or go. Determine: When was the last time you used or wore the item? If the item holds no relevance and you have not worn in in the past 2 years...consider donating it. Is the item in broken or worn? If it has seen better days, say your goodbyes and set it free to the trash. If the item is not a duplicate, something you use or wear often, and if it brings you may be something that is worth holding on to..yay! In all, have fun, don't stress and happy decluttering!

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