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Say "goodbye" to the yellow beiges or cold grays of the past, and "hello" to the new neutral that can completely change and update the look of any room regardless of your design style.

I have worked with many clients through home staging that have felt the urge to follow the trend of "cold grays" or to settle with the "previously popular beiges" from the 90's for their homes to sell. The fact of the matter is that neither option is correct, there is a middle ground that takes from the best of both worlds, gray and beige, and that color is called "greige".

What is Greige?

Greige is simply a mix of "gray" and "beige" that creates both warmer grays and more neutral beiges. It is a color category of many tints and shades within the spectrum of these two colors.

So now that you know what it is, how do you find the best color that works for your home? Some homes lead more towards warmer colors, others towards cooler colors, are there are a few that I find that are right in the middle and can go either way. The first step is to know which color will work best in your home. This can be determined by many factors such as your flooring, kitchen cabinets and counters, overall decor or style preference. So take a look around and see what color may work best within your space.

Lets Take A Closer Look At Greige....

My two "go to" greige colors are by Sherwin Williams called "Agreeable Gray" and "Accessible Beige". These two colors are great starting points and very popular colors in both staging and design. Agreeable Gray can be defined as a "gray with a little bit of beige added", and Accessible Beige is "beige with a little bit of gray added." Both show subtle differences in swatches, but in a room you can see a true difference. The beige added to Agreeable gray warms it up making it feel cozy and not the cold gray that many are familiar with. In Accessible Beige, the added gray cools the color a bit from the typical yellow beiges from the past. Both appear as neutral colors that are great at giving any home a fresh, updated fell. The reason I love both colors is that they can work with a variety of woods and furniture pieces, for example in resale, new buyers can have either brown or gray furniture, and both colors will still complement their technically these are "move-in-ready" paint colors!"

Get Inspired!!

Interested in changing the look of your home and considering greige? Head to you local Sherwin Williams or Lowes store and try out a sample! To make this a no strings attached proposition, try out Spot On which is a kit that allows you to paint directly on a removable decal and freely apply it to walls within your home. You can freely move it from room to room to see how the color works in natural daylight and at night and best of all, its mess free!

Happy Staging!

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